Vampire Working At Pillbox?

In the past several rumours have gone around about the Medical Director who works at Pillbox Hill Medical Centre. These rumours started spreading after an incident involving Miss Guinevere Howard of Tequi-La-La resulted in the Medical Director being knocked unconscious by a minor helicopter explosion in the Chiliad Mountain Range. She suffered major burns over a third of her face and most of her back and right side of the body according to reports from the incident. Since then some citizen’s have been saying that she died in the explosion and has come back as some kind of ‘supernatural’ or is one of the walking dead.

Another recent rumour is that she is a vampire who works in the hospital in order to have access to fresh supplies of blood. People have commented on the fact that she spends most her time behind the reception desk at Pillbox or outside underneath the emergency strip’s overhang. Some say that she rarely goes outside of Pillbox unless on an emergency call because she’s a vampire or something and the sun burns her skin. Others say that this is likely just because that high concentrations of sunlight irritate her burn wounds.

What ever the reason we here at Weazel News bet that someone out there has already written up some kind of fan-fic!

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