Tequi-la-la Grand Reopening!

For what seems like decades Tequi-la-la has stood as a shell of its former self. The bar situated on Milton Road, Eclipse Boulevard, West Vinewood used to be a restaurant owned by the mob back in its heyday but was closed after the “Adam’s apple in the soup” incident of 1982. The bar was then reopened in 1983 and became the Mecca of bands and fans of hair metal of the entire country. The bar has stood empty for several years after its previous owner vanished.

Today marks a new day for Tequi-la-la as it has been announced that the bar will be reopening tonight under the banner of a new owner; Mr. Gavin Scott.

Mr. Scott has announced that Tequi-la-la will be hiring and those wishing to apply for a job at the bar should contact him either over the government’s discord application, or directly in the city on 113-0914.

The bar itself is comprised of three main areas:

  • Main floor : Features the bar itself at one end with a stage at the other and a small dance floor between the two.
  • Second floor : VIP lounge and technical/DJ area.
  • Basement : Game room with a pool table, arcade machine and darts board (for employees only).

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