Robbery at the Vangelico Jewelry Store

We here at Weazel News have received reports that the Vangelico Jewelry Store over on Little Portola in Rockford Hills was robbed last night by two individuals. These individuals are reported to have taken the Medical Director from Pillbox Hill Medical Centre hostage and used her as leverage during the robbery.

Witnesses near the scene have reported that the store’s silent alarm alerted the police department who responded in good time. Unfortunately for them, one of the officers on duty at the time seemed to be having vehicle issues and was unable to respond to the scene of the crime leaving Lieutenant Harms of Mission Row PD to respond on his own.

From what we have been told, Lieutenant Harms was able to negotiate for the release of Medical Director Steele but was unable to give chase as the criminals fled the scene.


Since the reporting of the heist at the Vangelico store, we here at Weazel News have since received a report that one of the suspects involved in the robbery was apprehended by officers last night after an extensive chase through the streets of Los Santos.

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