Robbery at the Pacific Standard Bank!

We here at Weazel News have just received shocking news that the bank of the wealthy and famous up in Vinewood was ransacked today in the early hours of the morning.

Video footage was obtained from the bank’s security systems and shows two masked individuals enter the bank and make their way through to the back rooms where they managed to hack the security doors and make their way downstairs to the vault. A few moments later an explosion was heard as the vault was blasted open.

Reports indicate that the individuals were inside the vaults for several minutes and they were seen leaving the scene with bags full of what we can only presume was a large amount of cash. From what local witnesses have described the individuals were not met with any force nor resistance from either bank security forces or police forces.

Are the rumors on the street true? Are our boys in black and blue as corrupt as they say? Or just too busy eating donuts to respond to high-risk call-outs?

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