Prisoner Kidnapped Outside Bolingbroke Penitentiary!

A guard working the late shift outside Bolingbroke Penitentiary witnessed one Howard Johnson leaving the prison after spending several months interned for various vehicular related incidents.

The guard reports that he watched as Mr. Johnson exited the prison and walked into the carpark where he was met with a masked figure in black. He informed our news reporter that the figure seemed to resemble a black crow who motioned for Mr. Johnson to approach closer and enter a car parked nearby. Upon passing the figure Mr. Johnson was struck in the back of the head and rendered unconscious. He was then dragged into a nearby unmarked local ambulance which then sped off at speed before the guard was able to react.

We here at Weazel News will keep you updated if we find out any more about this “black crow” and the fate of Mr. Johnson!

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