Pillbox Medical Director Missing!

Well known for being in Pillbox Medical what seems to be 24-7, it was discovered today that the well-known Medical Director Miss. A. Steele was in fact no where to be seen on the premises of the hospital.
Upon closer inspection no recent traces of the Medical Director could be seen, and both the security guard stationed outside Pillbox and the receptionist doctor stationed inside had nothing to say when asked about the Director’s whereabouts. In fact, both the security guard and the doctor did not give any reaction of any sort at all, leading more to the suspicions that they are in fact robotic entities of some kind.

Recent reports seem to be showing a concerning trend.
It has been reported that not only has the security guard stationed at Pillbox Medical drawn a weapon upon the Medical Director, but also a guard and a suspected robotic dog patrolling around the Humane Labs facility whilst she was said to have been investigating the area for health and safety violations.

This reporter visited the Pillbox Hill Medical Center and discovered that there were signs of a potential struggle. The gift shop, located in the foyer of Upper Pillbox, looked like a small tornado had gone through it at some point; gifts were strewn across the floor. There were also tire marks found outside in the emergency lane.

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