Pillbox Hill Medical Center Receives a Renovation

Having spent the last week with barricaded front doors to the Upper Pillbox Hill Medical Center, citizens wake up today to find that the Government has renovated the hospital.

Now that renovations are complete, Pillbox Hill Medical Center is once again open to the public to serve the citizens of Los Santos’ health interests.

Below is a list of features that one can find in the newly renovated hospital.

Main Hall

  • Reception
  • Staff Area
  • Waiting Room

Ward B

  • Restroom
  • MRI
  • X-Ray
  • Diagnostics
  • Administration and Director’s Office

Ward D

  • Elevators to Lower Pillbox
  • Elevator to Roof Access

Ward A

  • Laboratory
  • Surgery
  • Intense Care

Ward C

  • Private Rooms 369, 370, 371, 374
  • Doctor’s Room 372, 373
  • Restroom
  • Treatment Room

The San Andreas Medical Services would like to take this chance to remind the citizens of Los Santos that they are still accepting applications for new trainees. [EMS Application]

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