Officer Caught Picking Fight with Ballas

We here at Weazel News have received a report that a newly promoted police officer from Mission Row decided to head down to Grove Street earlier today and start a gun fight with the locals. It was not long before the street became a battleground as more gang members poured out from the surrounding area and two more officers arrived to give backup to their wayward Corporal.

The fight continued for several long minutes as fire was exchanged between the two parties. Eventually things died down and medical services pulled up to lend medical aid to the wounded.

Is this the start of a new trend? Will we be seeing more trouble brewing for the police at Mission Row due to this incident or will it be a one off occurrence?

Statement from Captain C. Spectre of the SASP

The Captain from Mission Row Police Department has just issued the following statement about the incident.

“Good evening. I am Captain Casper Spectre. This afternoon there was an event that happened on grove street. According to our reports, Corporal __ was positioned at the LTD on Grove street when he saw a Domestic disturbance happening. He approached but was met at gunpoint and then after gun fire. He called for backup which myself and Lieutenant Harms arrived on scene. We defended our Corporal and had to use deadly force. The metrics stand as such. Five are dead, three wounded in Pillbox Hill, and five arrested. After the shootout we looked around and found drugs and weapons. We don’t consider this as much of a bloody shootout as it should be as we were able to pull an arsenal as well as plenty of drugs off the street. The outcome of this was, our service weapons have been taken in to IA for investigation as well as the Corporal being put on Administrative Leave for the investigation. All units were running bodycams, and have submitted them to IA. IA will make the call to submit the case to the public when the time comes.”

Captain C. Spectre of the SASP

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  1. Good sounds like a cover up it’s fake thr police only want to hurt us thanks to qeazelnews for delivering us the truth

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