Obituary: Adam Parker

It is our sad duty to inform the populace of Los Santos of a recent death within the ranks of the State Police of Mission Row.

Reports earlier today suggest that Trooper Adam Parker was involved in an investigation into drug trafficking that may or may not have had ties to the Lost MC.

Staff from Pillbox Hill Medical Centre were called out to a grisly scene on Elysian Island. Reports from the scene suggest that they arrived to discover a burnt-out wreck of a vehicle that had moments ago been a blazing inferno. Inside they discovered the body of Mr Parker and did their upmost best to stabilize him enough so that he could be moved.

Pillbox’s Aid Med helicopter then rushed Mr Parker to the intensive care unit of lower Pillbox Hill Medical Centre where he was treated for severe burn wounds over most of his body. The Medical Director herself worked tirelessly to try and stabilize his condition but the wounds were too severe, and he succumbed to his injuries at approximately 03:02am Los Santos Standard Time.

Our hearts and thoughts go out to his family in this trying time.

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