Mr Howard Johnson Admitted to Pillbox ICU

We here at Weazel News have heard reports that indicate that the notorious Howard Johnson has once again been admitted to Pillbox Hill Medical Centre’s intensive care unit.

Mr Johnson was at large in the city of Los Santos once more and, from what we have been told, he has upped his game lately as he is now joined by his brother; Robert Johnson.

Not long after the incidents over on Elysian Island police were called out to a robbery in progress at the Yellow Jack over on the corner of Panorama Drive and Route 68 in Sandy. Eyewitnesses near the Yellow Jack inform us that a police officer pulled up at the scene and started negotiations, however, these were not successful and resulted in a car chase between the police and a black trophy truck. From what we here at Weazel News can piece together the chase went up into the Chiliad Mountain State Wildness where the vehicle was lost for a time, however a tip-off allowed PD to pick up the trail again back in the city which resulted in a shootout in the tunnel on Integrity Way.

From here the details become a little fuzzy as our news reporters could not get too close to the scene whilst an active gunfight was happening. From what we can piece together the two brothers exited their vehicle and started shooting at the police who were able to disable one of the participants before becoming overwhelmed them self.

EMS from the neighbouring Pillbox Hill Medical Centre responded quickly to the scene and treated the police officer as well as the gunman. Mr Robert Johnson was put into custody and taken to Pillbox to be properly treated for his wounds. Moments later, Mr Howard Johnson entered Pillbox to retrieve his brother and ended up injuring both the police officer who was dealing with the incident and Lieutenant Harms who had arrived moments before to oversee the arrest.

We here at Weazel News are led to believe that Mr Robert Johnson somehow escaped in the chaos and confusion whilst his brother, Mr Howard Johnson, has been admitted to the intensive care unit after taking some kind of drug whilst in custody. He is said to be in a critical condition.

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