More Missing People Reported!

Rumours have been spreading recently that people have once again been going missing from the streets of Los Santos. Homeless shelters have been reporting less people turning up for in the soup lines and several people have reported that friends or family have gone missing whilst hitch-hiking across San Andreas.

There have been whisperings around the City that a cult known as the Altruists are involved in this latest bout of missing persons.

Not much is known about this cult apart from they live in a fortified compound somewhere in the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness up in Blaine Country. It is rumoured that the group abhors technology and has been said to deal with human sacrifice.

We here at Weazel News urge citizens to stay safe out there and report any sightings of these people to the local authorities immediately.

Unselfish concern for the welfare of others; selflessness.
Zoology Instinctive behaviour that is detrimental to the
individual but favours the survival or spread of that
individual’s genes, as by benefiting its relatives.

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