Missing Persons

There have been many rumours of people going missing in the City of Los Santos. Be it gang-related, drug-related, or just plain vanishing.

Lately the numbers of people going missing has raised and there have been persons of note that have also been placed on the missing list.
According to several of his cohorts, the leader of the Epsilon Program, Cris Formage, has not been heard of for several weeks now. This is not completely unusual for the self-made leader, but his cohorts insisted that it be mentioned.
Another person of note that has seemingly vanished without a trace is Medical Director A. Steele of Pillbox Hill Medical Center as reported in a previous news article. Since then, a representative of Weazel News has spoken with Lieutenant Harms of Mission Row Police Department about the rumour that Miss. Steele has indeed gone missing and that a missing person’s report has been filled out in her name.

Rumours suggest that the well known pharmaceutical company Humane Labs and Research, may have some involvement in the missing persons case. Little is known about the shadowy company, but what is known is that they have had ties to Merryweather Security Consulting and to the International Affairs Agency.

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