Medical Director Found in Grapeseed!

It has been reported that in the early hours of the day the police at Mission Row were given a tip-off on the whereabouts of Medical Director A. Steele. Within the hour police were on scene at a derelict farmhouse up in Grapeseed where they were able to locate the Director.
We at Weazel News have been told that the Director was found on the upper floor of the house inside a bathtub, unconscious. The police on scene, a Lieutenant Harms and Cadet O’Meara, were able to assist in getting the Director back to lower Pillbox Hill Medical Center where she is now resting.

According to a local nurse working at Pillbox the Director is resting well and, apart from an apparent case of amnesia regarding her whereabouts over the last couple of days, seems to be in good health. They are expecting her to be able to resume her duties as Medical Director within the next day or two.

Mission Row Police Department are urging people to come forward if they have any information about this case.

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