Lieutenant Harms Admitted to Pillbox Hospital!

We here at Weazel News have just been informed that Lieutenant Harms of Mission Row Police Department has just been admitted into the Intensive Care Unit of Pillbox Hill Medical Centre.

From what we can gather, he was located by one of his Cadets after suspicious activity had been flagged on the PD’s tracking systems. We are told that the Lieutenant was found semi-conscious in an abandoned mineshaft out in the mountain wilderness where he was rushed to hospital.

Upon arriving at the hospital he was taken straight into ICU where treatment was administered. For obvious reasons we here at Weazel News were not able to follow them into the Intensive Care Unit, but we are told that he is making a slow recovery from the incident. We are unclear about what injuries he may have suffered, but there have been rumours that he was force-fed some kind of drug and is now being treated to remove traces of it from his system. From what we can tell, he is being kept in the Intensive Care Unit overnight for monitoring but should be back on his feet soon enough.

We here at Weazel News wish Lieutenant Harms the speediest of recoveries and hope that we might see him out on the streets of Los Santos again soon!

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