Gang Violence Breaks out in the City!

There have been several reports today that a local gang has been involved in several violent acts in the City today. It seems that the gang was riled up by a new citizen to the City who seemed to instigate the situations by attempting to run members of the Lost MC over with his vehicle.

Reports suggest that this individual managed to run one of the club members over but suffered major wounds himself and had to be airlifted to the Central Los Santos Medical Centre for treatment as EMS was unable to reach him inside his vehicle to administer aid.

Later in the day gunshots were heard ringing out over the City outside Upper Pillbox Medical Centre as the individual returned to the area and started shooting at members of the Lost MC that were still outside talking to the Medical Director of the hospital. Thankfully no major injuries were reported at this time.

It is not known why this individual seems to have sparked up a one-man war with the Lost MC, but we here at Weazel News will keep you informed if anything else arises!

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