Explosions Shake the City!

Residents up in West Vinewood may have heard explosions echoing through the streets earlier today as an explosion tore through Tequi-la-la’s main bar area. Several locals were killed by the explosion but manager and owner of the bar Mr. G. Scott was lucky enough to escape with only a few minor scrapes.

Police were quick to respond to the scene and cordoned off the area to gather evidence and question the civilians that were in the area at the time of the explosion. From what local sources tell us a note was left at the scene where a second bomb was found but defused.

Local witnesses have overheard Mr. G. Scott commented on the fact that the bar will be closed until further notice, although they also say that they have overheard the CEO of Tequi-la-la mentioning that renovations are already planned and underway to fix up the bar and get it in working order again as soon as possible.

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