City Falls into Lawlessness!

Earlier today the Government announced that all crime in the City would be made legal for the next twenty-four hours. At of this writing, this announcement was made just over twelve hours ago meaning that we still have almost half a day of this state of affairs!

Thus far, we here at Weazel News have been keeping our heads down and out of the line of fire, however, we have heard of reports of mass gunfights happening all around the city. Reports have been coming in mainly from gang-run territories such as Grove Street and Stab City, although we have also heard reports that a major fight had happened just outside The Epsilon Program’s headquarters over in Rockford Hills.

There have been rumors that this lawlessness may continue for longer than the stated twenty-four hours initially announced by the Government officials, but thus far these are just rumors without substance. Hopefully, the brave officers of the San Andreas State Police will be able to bring law and civil order back to the streets of Los Santos.

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