Car Bomb Attack on Harwick!

Another terror attack shakes the very foundation of Los Santos today as a car bomb exploded over on Harwick Avenue. Two citizens were caught in the blast; CEO and owner of Tequi-la-la Mr Gavin Scott and Corporal Myra Wolfe of the San Andreas State Police.

From what sources tell us here at Weazel News, a bomb had been set up and left inside the ignition system of a vehicle left in a carpark opposite the pharmacy on Harwick Avenue. Police responded to an alert that someone had been spotted firing a weapon in the area. The police officer found a vehicle that had had its driver side window smashed in and, upon entering the car to see if anything was left in the glovebox a homemade bomb was ignited throwing the officer from the vehicle.

Both Mr Scott and Corporal Wolfe have been moved to Pillbox Hill Medical Center’s ICU unit and are being treated around the clock for their wounds. They are expected to make a full recovery, but only time will really tell.

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