Breaking News! Massacre at the Pier!

We here at Weazel News have just been told of a horrific incident that has taken place down on Del Perro Pier. Local police have the area cordoned off whilst they investigate the area and ambulances can be seen on scene helping deal with the amount of bodies that have piled up.

There is not much information available at this time and so far no witnesses have come forth to help the police with their investigations about what happened here.

From what we can tell here on the side lines there are numerous dead and we have yet to see any injured left alive. The Central Los Santos Medical Centre crew are doing their best, but so far only bodies have been removed from the scene as of yet with very little outlook on finding anyone left alive.

Local residents who were sailing by the pier on their yacht have informed us here at Weazel News that they could hear some kind of commotion over on the pier at the time of the incident.

“At first, we just thought it was people having fun. You know. What you would normally expect that late at night with alcohol involved”. One yacht-goer informed us. “Next thing we know, there were people being flung from the pier and into the water, and there was screaming, lots of screaming”.

“People were running around in panic all over the place” another yacht-goer said, “There were figures in dark clothing. Masks and all. Just cutting people down left, right and center. They didn’t seem to be in any rush. People were just so panicked that they seemed to just run into them over and over again”.

Unfortunately, the witnesses on the boat were unable to give a good description of the individuals or even any numbers of assailants.

The police and emergency crews have now finished at the pier and have opened it up once again to the public. Clean up crews have not turned up any further evidence to help with the investigation.

Residents are advised to be careful when travelling to the Del Perro Pier after dark.

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