Body Washes up near Del Perro Pier

Locals have recently reported that a body had been washed up along the beach near Del Perro Pier. From the descriptions, it sounds as though the victim had been shot in the back of the head and close range and summarily executed. The victim was reported to have been barefooted and wearing nothing but a shirt and sweat-pants.

“Seeing that there was nothin’ that could hav been done wit’ the lass, her bein’ dead an’ all, I rushed to the ne’est lifeguard station ta’ fetch someone better equipped ta’ deal wit’ the mess”. The locals who found the body reported, “An’ you wouldn’ believe what happen’! Was only gone for like five moments. When we got back, it was not there! The body, that is. Not a sign of it anywhere!”

There have been no reports of this missing person turning up anywhere else as of yet. Lifeguards took out scuba gear and searched the nearby waters, but have yet to come back with any traces of what might have happened to the previously mentioned body. Searches are ongoing and we will update this situation if we hear anything.

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