Boats Piled up on the Beach

In the early hours of the morning residents living in the beach-side properties fronting onto the Del Perro Beach were greeted with a peculiar sight. Boats and jet skies were found beached and piled up all along the shoreline as well as a few vehicles that were unlucky enough to be parked along the shoreline at the time.

Residents have told us here at Weazel News that they had never seen anything like it.
β€œIt was through a hurricane had blown on by during the night; the shoreline was a complete mess what with all the boats out of the water!” One resident told our reporter, β€œI would have believed that this was the case were it not for the fact that the weather last night was as peaceful as anything.”

There have been no eye-witnesses at this time that have come forward with any information regarding this strange event.

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