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Introducing the Weazel News Team


Lee Boone is a 25-year-old reporter who spends his free time enjoying the local car scene around town. When he’s not on the job you can usually catch him lifting weights down at Vespucci Beach or cruising around town in his extensive car collection.

Lee grew up with a loving and caring family until his older brother’s untimely murder when Lee was 13. It wasn’t easy for him. Lee’s teen years were filled with depression and he tried to fill the void in his life by absorbing himself into his studies.

He eventually realized he wasn’t interested in much anymore until an investigative journalist cracked the cold case leading to an arrest for his brother’s murder. Lee found a new passion in the journalism world as an investigative journalist.

Lee strives to put everything he’s got into his reporting to keep people up to date with the goings-on around town and to root out corruption if and when it arises.


Amy Flower is a 23-year-old reporter who enjoys writing, reading and traveling. She spends much of her time with her ear to the ground looking for new scoops and stories around the city.

Amy grew up in a middle-class neighborhood. After her father died when she was young she was raised by her mother and quickly found a love of paper-medium through line-art colouring.

She started studying medicine at college but wanderlust took hold and she never finished the course; instead of obsessing over discovering new things and traveling around San Andreas to seek out new stories then later joining up with the Weazel News team in order to keep the citizens of Los Santos well informed.

Physically, Amy keeps herself fit by seeking out the best news stories that the state has to offer and exploring every nook and cranny that might hide stories that need to be told.

She has a small tattoo of a rainbow on her left shoulder which, when asked about it, she likes to tell people that she enjoys carrying a piece of brightness and colour with her at all times to help remind other people that there is always brightness in the world to enjoy if you just look hard enough.